Harmony and Beauty

A single solution for swimming pools and SPAs.
The aquatic context has always been a crucial element for the wellness world, which uses it in the “remise en forme” protocols and health paths; to this must be added an evolution of the fitness world, of hydrotherapy and of aquarobics which has resulted in leading fitness centres equipping themselves with pools and hydrotherapy instruments designed to improve the wellness and physical condition of their clients.
Ever since the Barchemicals Laboratories created “I Sali della Vita”, the concept of Salus Per Aquam, i.e., “health through water”, has acquired a broader and deeper meaning than in the past.

Strong where necessary, but delicate on the skin.

The reconstruction in swimming pools and SPAs of water with spa and thalassotherapy properties does in fact allow users to enjoy the benefits deriving from immersion in a saline solution, thus boosting the effects of hydrotherapy.
Historical examples in this sense stem back to the spa traditions of the ancient Romans, as well as the exploitation of the therapeutic properties of the water of the Dead Sea, on the shores of which the first wellness centre in history is said to have been built.
According to legend, Cleopatra and the Queen of Saba were among the first to appreciate the precious hydrating properties of the minerals and spring water of the Dead Sea. These waters do in fact contain over 20 different types of minerals, including Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium, very similar to those naturally found in our skin.
While in “normal” sea salt, the presence prevails of Sodium Chloride, in the Dead Sea salt, the latter is only present to a marginal extent (15%), while the quantity of Magnesium (32%) and Potassium (25%) is higher.
It is precisely the high concentration of Magnesium and Potassium reproduced in I Sali della Vita – Acqua Madre through a Biostabilization process which results, through osmosis, in the absorption of these minerals through the skin, thereby benefitting the whole body.