Behind “I Sali della Vita” are, on the one hand the awareness of how intrinsically true this saying is, and on the other the development of an idea at the same time simple and ingenious: to transform our moments of relaxation in the swimming pool and SPA into a chance to combine health, wellness, pleasure and beauty.

It has been discovered how, in primitive culture, water was considered crucial to fertility and wellness, while it is equally evident that the stressing pace of life today in western society prevents us from enjoying its benefits in a complete, constant and aware way.

“I Sali della Vita” were created to fill this time and space void: to obtain benefit and pleasure, it is no longer necessary to make long journeys to reach spa benefits and this without having to overhaul your swimming pool installation at a high cost.

“I Sali della Vita – Acqua Madre” – thanks to a Biostabilization process – recreates the characteristics of the very best alkaline earthy thermal waters, making it possible to enjoy all the advantages of those Mineral Salts which are good for the health – Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K) and Iodine (I) directly in your own swimming pool or Spa.

In nature, Thermal Spring Waters are concentrated solutions which form in salt pans following the evaporation of sea water by the sun: the long time required and perfection of natural processes make these solutions stable and constantly balanced as regards saturated solution and precipitate.

The Barchemicals Laboratories have developed an innovative method which permits perfecting the Biostabilization process and, through natural solution saturation, fairly quickly reproducing the process which in nature takes hundreds of years, thereby obtaining “I Sali della Vita ”.

5 specific Lines – purposely conceived to easily overcome any structural and plant engineering restraints – will lead you into a new world where the essential revolution of simplicity will enable you to participate in a continuous experience full of pleasure, fun, health, wellness and relaxation.