Oxygen No-Chlor line

This is the choice I Sali della Vita line. Its use is restricted above all to private swimming pools and spas where customers wish to use natural, chlorine-free products.
• ACQUA MADRE: biostabilized saturated solution.
• BIOACID – Natural pH corrector.
• BIOZONO – Oxidant with natural peroxide acid base.

Salt Sterilizer line

For those customers who, while maintaining salt sterilization systems, also seek the beneficial properties obtained by substituting common kitchen salt with I sali della vita.

• ACQUA MADRE: biostablized saturated solution.
• BIOACID – Natural pH corrector.
• BIOSTART- I Sali della Vita in granular form for starting up swimming pools treated with salt electrolysis.

Public swimming-pool line

I Sali della Vita in public swimming pools must be combined with the use of chlorine as basic disinfecting agent, as required by applicable laws.

The beneficial and bacteriostatic properties of I Sali della Vita Acqua Madre, permit keeping the water in perfect hygienic
condition, reducing the concentration of required chlorine and thus avoiding the undesired effects caused by its use in high concentrations.
• Acqua Madre: biostabilized saturated solution.
• BIOACID – Natural pH corrector.
• BIOQUARK Fast – Calcium Hypochlorite ovules containing I Sali della Vita and antiscale agent.

SPA line

This line has been created to also allow private customers to enjoy the beneficial effects of I Sali della Vita in their spas or whirlpool baths. Also ideal for emotional showers and Turkish Baths.

The special formula, with the addition of natural balsamic essences enhances the beneficial and relaxing effects, which are further boosted by absorption through inhalation of the salt mists produced by the jets.
• BIOSOL – I Sali della Vita solution, saturated and perfumed, available in various fragrances: Eucalyptus, Menthol, Algaribe, Vanilla.

Bio-lake and Bio-swimming pool line

A line made for lovers and owners of Bio-swimming pools or Bio-lakes who wish to exploit the natural properties of I Sali della Vita.

The product is Biocompatible and does not alter the equilibrium of micro-flora and aquatic animals.
• BIOLAKE – Saturated solution with balanced formula for bio-swimming pools and bio-lakes.

Accessory products

• BIOSAN – Bactericide, Algicide, Lightener
• BIOSHOCK – Specific for shock treatments
• BIOSTAB – Special activator/stabilizer
• BIOQUARK – Longtime – Slow-release Calcium Hypochlorite and I Sali della Vita ovules – for skimmers only.
• BIOROCK – Granular salts for Salt Rooms and Etruscan Caves