I Sali della Vita at the Service of your Health and Recovery Today, wellness facilities such as swimming pools, SPAs and fitness clubs must necessarily have water to offer their clients wellness and health paths.
And while the building of a wellness centre and fitness facility implies strong planning commitment aimed at creating environments able to stimulate all the senses of users, equal attention must be given to the quality of the waters to be used.
The special care dedicated to chemical-physical and above all bacteriological aspects of water will ensure that a moment of pleasure is experienced fully and without any contraindication.
The possibilities of disinfecting and treating water are numerous, but today a new system has been developed able on the one hand to ensure water which is healthier for the body and on the other to reduce the quantity of chemical elements required to disinfect the water: I Sali della Vita.

Health cannot wait

The effects for the health of the active ingredients in I Sali della Vita such as Mg, K, I have been known for decades, i.e., ever since the science which studies Spa Waters has provided scientific answers to explain which are the active ingredients that make these waters a real and true natural pick-me-up.
In this respect, it is possible to say that the use of I Sali della Vita in swimming pools frequented above all by people with particular health problems(sensitivity of the skin and mucous in particular to chlorine water, need for post-trauma functional rehabilitation, etc.) can help speed up health recovery, reducing the effects of sensitization due to chlorine and its derivatives.
The use of “I Sali della Vita” in swimming pools for functional and walking recovery, and for physiotherapy treatments following surgical operations and accidents, allows speeding up calcification and tissue regeneration processes, and reduces healing times.

Cross the new wellness frontier

Daily immersion in waters treated with I Sali della Vita produces a draining and “smoothing” effect on the skin; the epidermis does not dry up because the protective layer of the skin remains intact; the salts do in fact deposit on the surface layer of the skin and prevent it from drying.
Mg, K,and I have a purifying effect: the particular composition of I Sali della Vita determines an eudermic homeostatic balance able to favour the release of toxins from the surface layers of the skin. The synergic balance of the contained saline complexes permits favouring the wellness of the body through the concentration of elements which boost the regular metabolism  f the derma.
A bath in I Sali della Vita is always a wonderful way of lowering the acidity of the body and rebalancing the natural pH of the skin.
Magnesium, Potassium and Iodine boosted with the Bio-trace elements in the special formula of I Sali della Vita, are able to reactivate the natural cell regeneration process, reinforce the immune system, improve sleep and provide an antistress action with cardiotonic effects.
In SPAs, small swimming pools and whirlpool baths, the active ingredients of I Sali della Vita, thanks to the nebulization produced by the whirlpool and aeromassage jets, are assimilated through inhalation, thus increasing their beneficial effects.